Our 100% acorn fed Iberian ham is an exceptional product:

breeding, an acorn based diet, and patience in the curing process,
to offer our products on the market at the best point of curing, thereby guaranteeing the maximum quality.


100% Acorn Fed Iberian Ham




Our pigs graze in a vast area of 300 hectares. The land has a density of 28 holm oaks per hectare, each of which, considering the variability of the weather, produces an average of 22 to 26kg of acorns per grazing period.


The livestock lives exclusively in the natural environment, feeding from the resources that it offers. Each year our herds increase in number by 394 pigs, due to the 44 pure Iberian breeding pigs, crossed with pure Iberian boars, with around 7 piglets per birth between the months of March and June.


The new quality regulation for Iberian ham takes into account the genetics, age, and weight of the animal when it begins grazing. We surpass requirements to offer excellence in our products.


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